13 April 2017

   cristina ghinea

A New Registration Session for the Sibiu Arts Market

The Sibiu Performing Arts Market, an associated structure of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival (FITS), is launching a new registration session, which will be open until 1 May 2017.

The first two registration sessions took place in February-April, 100 participants of various performing arts fields announcing their presence. Thus, independent street, dance, theatre, music companies, public institutions, festival managers and artistic representatives will come to Sibiu from countries like Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, China, Cyprus, Croatia, South Korea, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, India, Israel, Iran, Italy, Lithuania, Macao, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Macedonia, Morocco, Portugal, Romania, Senegal, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain or Turkey. The participants registered for The Market also include companies whose performances will be played within FITS 2017. Every day, the organizers reveal names of this year’s participants on the Facebook page of The Market.

The Market allows participants to choose the package that is most advantageous and that fits them best. Registration fees are the same as in the second registration period. For further information on the benefits in each package and related costs, visit sibfest.

Performing arts events and opportunities requiring registration

With the new registration session of The Market, we are also opening the registration to the scheduled workshops. Participation at events within The Market is free of charge; fees are only applicable to those who want to be featured in The Market catalogue, as well as to enjoy international advertising and visibility through The Market’s network. The other events (conferences, panel talks, operational work meetings) do not require prior registration.

Each year, The Market organizes workshops and masterclasses coordinated by important festival directors or great contemporary choreographers, depending on the event specificity.

The series of masterclasses Meetings and classes with great choreographers continues this year too, and the first choreographers have already been confirmed. The first meeting will take place on 12 June, with the famous Noa Wertheim, of Vertigo Dance Company, Israel, choreographer of the guest performances of FITS 2017 „Yama” and „Vertigo 20”. A second masterclass, taking place on 14 June, is held by the Japanese choreographer Akihiro Yamamoto, of Yamamoto Noh Theater, which is present in FITS with the performance “The Feather Mantle” and “The Red-faced Imp”. The masterclass has two parts: a theoretical one – introduction and brief presentation of the movement concepts and principles used to create a performance –, and a practical one – experiencing work methods.

The workshop Festivals in the 21st Century: Who are they for, how do we do them, how do we finance them? is scheduled for 13-15 June, and will be moderated by Nelson Fernandez, director of NFA International Arts & Culture, United Kingdom of Great Britain, in dialogue with Leman Yilmaz, director IKSV/Istanbul Theatre Festival (Turkey), Andrew Comben, Chief Executive, Brighton Dome & Brighton Festival (United Kingdom), and Tamara Arapova, International programmes/projects, Golden Mask Festival (Russia).
The discussion focuses on identifying the characteristics of each festival, presented from the viewpoint of building the programme, of the geographic position, of the strategic objectives, of the key relation that festivals establish with artists, producers, and the local, national, and international community, of the diversity of financing sources, and of partnerships supporting the development of festivals.

The workshop is aimed at young festival producers, arts or cultural management students, cultural department members of institutions, but also at anyone willing to find out more about organizing a festival.

Those interested to participate at these workshops will register in advance; access is free, subject to seat availability: 30 places in the case of dance workshops, and 20 places at the workshop on festivals. To register, click here.

The 21st edition of the Performing Arts Market takes place on 12-17 June, at the Ibis Hotel in Sibiu, and is aimed at people involved in performing arts, from small, medium or big festival directors, to managers of artistic companies, state institutions, artistic representatives, independent artists or theatre managers from all over the world. The Market gives participants the opportunity to get involved in unique meetings, get into contact and make connections with important personalities of contemporary artistic life, vastly experienced in cultural management. Personalities come to The Market and the Festival to discover national and international artists or to develop projects and partnerships with them.

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