•  Theatre 2019
  Teatrul Național „Radu Stanca” Sibiu
Waiting for Godot
By Samuel Beckett
Directed by: Silviu Purcărete
Scenography: Silviu Purcărete
Cast: Constantin Chiriac, Marian Râlea, Cristian Stanca, Pali Vecsei, Andrei Văcariu
Piano: Monica Florescu – Fernandez
Cello: Makcim Fernandez Samodaev
Violin: Cosmin Fidileș
Waiting for Godot is not a play with a thesis, it does not enforce any moral on the audience, and it does not hide within itself any particular hope.
In order to understand such a play, one has to see the world as large as his own spirit, and the two tramps as a symbol of an always ambivalent humanity.
Beckett does not reveal to us the meaning of the events, which we are always looking for, but demonstrates his technical ingenuity by playing with our expectations. Waiting for Godot has the power of infinite adaptability. The play speaks about feelings and emotions left unspoken until now, but with Beckett as a guide, we are able to recognize them as our own.Waiting for Godot– an invocation, a reflection, a curtain...
(Marina Constantinescu)
Performance in Romanian with translation into English.

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