•  Contemporary circus 2019
  Hippana Theatre
Directed and choreographed by: Alex Allison (Cie Maleta), Jonas Schiffauer (Hippana Theatre) – outside eyes: Eric Longequel, Benjamin Richter
Cast: Alex Allison, Jonas Schiffauer
Stage and Costume Design: Alex Allison, Jonas Schiffauer
Sound Design: Moises Mas Garcia
Light Design: Alex Allison, Jonas Schiffauer
“Tunnel” is about aspirations and dreams. Two jugglers naively seek to ascend to the top of society, in an attempt to experience one moment of greatness together. The two ask the question of the disenchantment of the world and the utopian demand for a society full of poetry. The artists deal with the everyday challenge of showing oneself to one's own personal ideals, peculiarities and fears. “Tunnel” fuses Baroque magic with raw street art style presenting a blend of the best from the worlds of Juggling and Physical Theatre. “Tunnel” is a playful invitation to dream and think.
Hippana Theatre and Cie Maleta proudly present their first collaboration. Alex is a circus creator and has gained experience for his own creations through countless workshops, researches and festivals. Jonas draws experience from his formation in circus, dance and theatre. Both have worked on an international level bringing their experience into this new creation.

      © Astrid Wolff