•  Outdoor Performances 2019
Based on an original idea by: Sandra Sardà & Itinerània
Design and construction: Furti Coromina, Paco Hernández (Itinerània); Sandra Sardà (Katakrak); Carmen Rodríguez (Tralará).
Production: Itinerània.
Claiming the street as a natural meeting place, Itinerània practices an ephemeral and festive intervention in the public space. Its creations, installations made primarily of iron and wood, use visible basic mechanical structures and devices. It is a markedly participatory proposal which arouses the curiosity of participants of all ages.
Itinerània was born in 2006 (Tona, Barcelona, Spain), inaugurating its transformed bicycles, “Las Cibicletas”, and the first performance of its first installation, “The Labyrinth” (El Laberint). In 2012 Itinerània showed for the first time Titeretú, its second installation, at the festival MAC (Barcelona, Spain) and at the end of that year Laberint II was born and had its première at the festival Bonjour l'Hiver (Annemasse, France).
Titeretú are 5 giant puppeteer hands. They are made of iron and wood with their basic mechanical insides in plain view. The audience will no longer be just a spectator, it becomes the main character of the story: the puppet! Using the body as a simple tool, the participants will resolve balance, precision and coordination games.

      © Rafa Arocha