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  National Centre for the Performing Arts
The Tempest
Written by: William Shakespeare
Directed by: Tim Supple
Cast: Prospero: PU Cunxin; Miranda: LI Xiaomeng; Ariel: DONG Wenliang*; Caliban: WANG Haowei*; Alonso: ZHAO Ling*; Ferdinand: CHEN Xiwen*; Antonio: FENG Yang*; Sebastian: WANG Qianyu*; Adrian: LI Xichang*; Francisco: YANG Qi*
*from the NCPA ensemble
A ship is wrecked on the shores of a small island in a terrible storm. On the island Prospero, a man of great learning and supernatural power, tells his daughter Miranda the truth of their past. Twelve years ago he was the ruler of Milan. He was usurped by his brother Antonio in alliance with his greatest enemy, Alonso, the King of Naples. Cast off to sea with Miranda, then three years old, he arrived on this island through luck alone. Prospero has caused the storm because those who ruthlessly exiled him are on board the ship: Antonio, Alonso and Alonso’s sister Sebastian. Also on board are Gonzalo, Alonso’s son, lords, sailors and Stephano and Trinculo, Alonso’s wine servant and jester. Prospero can control nature because he has enslaved the spirits of the island, including Ariel, the most powerful of all. Prospero has also enslaved Caliban, a wild child of a witch who had controlled the island before Prospero. The lords are safely delivered to the island to be tried, tested and terrified. Stephano and Trinculo arrive and meet Caliban. Ariel separates Ferdinand from the others and brings him to Miranda. On one small island, over the course of one day, all then undergo a full transformation.
Performance in Chinese, with translation into Romanian and English.

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