•  Outdoor Performances 2019
  Tombs Creatius
The Strange Travel of Mr. Tonet
Directed by: Toni Tomas
Author: Toni Tomas
Artistic direction: Carles Porta
Technical and robotical direction: Sergio Sisques –Stagelab-
Construction: Joan Domingo,Diego Xavier Caicedo, Toni Tomàs
Lighting: Miki Arbizu -Stagelab-
Music: Josep Baldoma
Production: Tombs Creatius
Tombs Creatius is a company of street arts that proposes games and experiences to keep awake the child that we have inside. We believe in art as a spark to wake up restlessness, shake minds and make hearts beat. So we bring to the squares proposals for all publics that make us share, feel, search, look, observe… play, generating collective experiences.
Since the day we met Mr. Tonet’s life in detail, we couldn’t stop thinking about him and all the fantastic stories he had experienced. Mr. Tonet was really a fascinating character and we want to share with you all his adventures. We have reconstructed some of his stories using disused objects, like wood, old furniture, and different items and tools found in the recycling plant. With all those materials we have built games to discover pieces of Mr. Tonet’s travels, i.e. vivid stories turned to 9 games. Each game is inside a box, in each box there is a story, and in each story, with the robotics help, there is a character, a creature to discover. Entering inside the sound, light and movement world of Mr. Tonet will fascinate you. There is only one Mr. Tonet. He is unique! There’s no one like him!

      © Tomi Cami