•  Theatre 2019
  Pierre Cleitman
The Spirit of a Labyrinth in the European Cappuccino
Text by: Pierre Cleitman
Directed by: Ana Delgado
Cast: Pierre Cleitman
The Cappuccino is an unlikely mix. Highly unlikely. Born out of the miraculous, fragile encounter between black coffee and milk foam. An utterly unstable balance. A subtly mastered effervescence. A full-fledged work of art! One of the great successes of the creative Italian genius. The foam symbolizes the crown, oh so volatile and ephemeral, of a light, voluptuous kingdom, promised to our lips from time immemorial (and which leaves a hint of moustache as a signature). As for the hidden part, the coffee, most frequently a good Arabica espresso, it gives the whole ensemble body, warmth, bouquet and a good dose of lucidity. But still, the seduction of the cappuccino is not just aesthetic, olfactory or taste-related! In the euphoria that almost always comes – as you probably noticed – with the tasting of a cappuccino, there’s also, it seems to me, the more or less conscious, more or less diffuse feeling of taking part in a historical adventure. As we are talking, as bizarre as it may seem, of an historical adventure or, if you rather, of the adventurous history of the European construction…
Performance in French, with translation into Romanian and English.
Performance not recommended to audiences under 14.

With the caffeinated support of Théâtre du Rond-Point


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