•  Theatre 2019
  Teatrul Național „Mihai Eminescu” Chișinău
The Carnival
Text after: Ion Luca-Caragiale
Directed by: Alexa Visarion
Cast: Anatol Durbală (barber and dental surgeon), Ion Mocanu (Iancu Pampon), Petru Hadârcă (Mache Razachescu, a.k.a Crăcănel-Bow Legs), Ghenadie Gâlcă (an intern with the office of the exchequer), Iurie Focșa (Iordache, Nae’s apprentice), Ana Tkacenko (Mița Baston), Olesea Sveclă/Cornelia Maros-Suveică (Didina Mazu), Angela Ciobanu (a constable), Nicolae Ghereg (Mr. Anghelache), Angela Ciobanu (Veta), Valentin Zorilă (Lache), Mihai Zubcu (Costica), Dan Melnic (a waiter), Cornelia Maros-Suveică/Olesea Sveclă (a mask), Doriana Zubcu-Marginean (Caliopi), Draga-Dumitrița Drumi-Focsa (Bobocica), Vadim Buinovschi (the Violinist), Ecaterina Mardari (Laugh’n’Cry)

Stage Manager: Alexa Visarion
Scenographer: Irina Gurin
Corporal expression: Irina Slobodeaniuc
Selection of texts from Caragiale: Ionel Nicolaev
Musical illustration and arrangement: Șerban Fleancu
This complex farcical comedy is set in Bucharest during the carnival period. The story focuses on romantic intrigues among middle class characters. Several couples deceive each other and their lovers. At its first run, in the 1870s, the play was only performed twice because it was considered violent and crude. This 2018 “Carnival” sends its masks onward with the energy of despair at the criss-cross of these three latest centuries; with disturbing interference where everything is getting erased, degrading frantically, falling into derision... We betray while weeping and laugh while betraying...
Performance in Romanian, with translation into English.
Performance not recommended to audiences under 16.

Special effects: gun firing blank bullets

      © Andrei Mardari