•  Theatre 2019
Directed by: Jean-Pierre David
Staging: Marion Expert
Music: Cyril Atef
Light design: Luc Kerouanton
Fireworks: Pascal Ducos/Silex
Technical director: Olivier Clapé
Producer: Maria Belloir
Urban cosmic abduction
“Tonight, members of the S.W.A. (Space Worshipers Association) are gathering in order to attempt, one more time, to make a contact with the extra-terrestrials. The ceremony begins. As usual, they start to sing an incantatory chant around their spiritual leader who proceeds to a ritual of appeal. Everything goes as usual, nothing happens… when, suddenly, a supernatural sound arises.” Aérosculpture enjoys creating a gigantic, dreamlike air world with the SPACE® show, bringing stilt walkers, acrobats, musicians, aerostatic puppeteers, choirs and pyrotechnicians together, opening a spatiotemporal path toward a new space, which lead to the emergence of the Aérosculpture creations, the enchanting Comets, the flying Saucer, the exploring Cosmonaut. “SPACE®”, where the mystical reunion of a small neighbourhood association, randomly provokes a cosmic cataclysm! Ready for take-off! Let’s fly into space!

      ©  Jérémie Bernard