•  Theatre 2019
  Teatrul Vostru Sibiu
Soul of a statue
Directed by: Marian Râlea
Cast: Mădălin Carbunaru, Florin Pârvu, Alexandru Verzescu, Iulia Sorescu, Denisa Pintiuta
Sometimes, when we are not paying attention, when we are distracted or look in another direction, statues come to life. At times, late at night when everyone is asleep, statues sing or dance, cry or even talk, even though nobody can see them. The actors of the independent theater, Teatrul Vostru, coordinated by Marian Râlea, offer a unique experience: witnessing the miracle of statues that come to life. The performance entitled “Soul of a statue” presents an itinerary of Romanian history, the protagonists of which are not only the statues - historical symbols or famous characters - but also those that bring them to life. Therefore, if you are curious and brave, we invite the young, as well as the old, to witness or even unleash a miracle: statues such as Count Dracula, Măriuca Tănăsuca, Ionel Cântecel and many more will be brought to life under your very eyes. Are you ready?

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