•  Theatre 2019
  Mademoiselle Paillette
Red World
Mademoiselle Paillette was created in October 2006, at the initiative of Isabelle Cahagne, while many other characters had already been created: the Organic Leeks, who join the newly-formed vegetable party alongside Love and Humour to counter mass agriculture. The Phreatocs, carriers of a Precious Water, embarked on a quest for an eternal spring that never dries up. An abundant, always-growing family of white characters, fairies that reveal kindness, fulfilment and catchy roars of laughter. Felix and his small sugary joys, a happy father overwhelmed by his children’s bulimic tendency towards sweets. The Brazilians, 3 muses in search of Eternal Love that they actually find in every glance exchanged. The insects, originating in two species: the small and crawling, the large and flying - they are the very proof that love is possible in spite of certain differences. A fantasy universe where dreams and the ephemeral longingly gaze at each other before they disappear.
The show presented at FITS is a kind of itinerant show which brings the audience into a fantasy universe where dreams seem to appear and disappear.

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