•  Theatre 2019
  TTB - Teatro tascabile di Bergamo
On the tortoise shell
Performance by: TTB Teatro Tascabile di Bergamo
Cast: Alessia Baldassari, Tiziana Barbiero, Luigia Calcaterra, Antonietta Fusco, Divya Hoskere, Alice Laspina, Stefania Locatelli, Ruben Manenti, Praveen P. Kumar, Alessandro Rigoletti, Caterina Scotti, Marta Suardi.
Echipa: Pietro Bailo, Lorenzo Bucci, Fabio Vignaroli
The project design of the Teatro Tascabile di Bergamo originates from the desire to research on the form and perpetual motion of the myth. “On the tortoise shell” is a show whose title recalls the Hindu myth of churning of the universe. This is a travelogue written by apparitions, sounds, drama and wonders. During this comeback home that one meets our Arlequin, another figure belonging to the myth of the “Commedia dell`Arte”, which turns out to be a really close relative of Bharata Natyam dancers with their poses that seem stolen from the statues of the Hindu temples, while the rhythm of Mozart`s “Idomeneo” cheeky Balinese monkeys performing their chaotic and joyful dance in a shower of golden petals. “I am Harlequin. I arrived crossing the sea. I sailed on the shell of this turtle... Don't you see the turtle? Don't you see the shell? And you don't even see the sea?!! But then... you don't see anything at all?! Pretend to see the sea, the shell, the turtle... so at least you'll understand something. It's nice to understand something when you don't understand anything.”

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