•  Theatre 2019
  Tzavta Theatre & TAU Theatre
Written by: Hanoch Levin
Directed by: Ealeal Semel
Stage and costume design: Noa Etgar
Sound design: Nizan Lotem
Light design: Rafi Ovadia
Technical Manager: Asaf Fried
Arabic Translation: Siwar Awwad
Cast: Anan Abu-Jaber, Carlos Gharzuzi, Hadar Gabay, Shiri Lotan, Doron Lev/Yonathan Beck, Yarin Perry/Aviv Zalishanski
A young cast of Israelis and Palestinians return to Hanoch Levin's ground-breaking political play in order to ask "Why"? “Murder” tells the story of a violent cycle. Three Jewish Soldiers murder an Arab boy. Years later, the boy’s father murders a Jewish couple on their wedding night. After many years, a Jewish prostitute causes the lynching of an Arab construction worker. The play was translated to Arabic for the first time for the current production, and both Hebrew and Arabic are spoken on stage. An ensemble of 6 actors play both victims and murderers - they all participate in the tragic cycle of violence. The visual world of the play consists of piles of clothes that gradually fill the stage, overwhelming it by the blood of the victims. “Murder” is the voice of a young generation in Israel who want to cry out “no more!”
Performance in Hebrew and Arabic, with translation into Romanian and English.
Performance not recommended to audiences under 16.
Special effects: gunshot sounds, sirens

Co-producers: Tzavta Theatre, TAU Theatre, The Bronfman Fellowship AVF

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