•  Theatre 2019
  Teatrul Odeon
Melania Republik
Text by: Irina Nechit
Directed by: Gelu Colceag
Scenography: Adrian Damian
Assistnt to the Director: Alexandru Bogdan
Light Design: Cristian Niculescu
Video: Luca Achim
With: Rodica Mandache, Emanuel Varga
‘I wrote “Sfaturile Melaniei” (Melania’s Advice) as a thank you to our parents’ generation, born in the 80s, just like Melania. The people of this generation survived the annexation of Bessarabia by the USSR, the Second World War, the Famine of 1947, Stalin’s repression, collectivization, Brezhnev’s era of “stagnation”, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the transition, and also witnessed the desolating effects of the post 2000 migration. To me, it’s an enigma how they resisted, how they faced all the hardship, how they saved their souls. Melania has faith and hope, despite being unsure of the meaning of her faith or the purpose of her hope. To me, Melania is a chance for salvation.’ – Irina Nechit
Performance in Romanian, with translation into English.

      © Andrei Runcanu