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  Comparsa Los Cariocas
Long live the Carnival!
The Comparsa Los Cariocas was founded in 1969 in Valleseco, the most populous town of Gran Canary island. With great enthusiasm the young people of this town created this group with the spirit and desire to participate in the carnivals and winter parties. In its 50 years of history, it has become one of the most awarded groups of the carnival of all Canary Islands.
The highlights of Los Cariocas are not the trophies but its popularity. They have performed on several occasions in many European and international countries where they demonstrated great artistic and creative qualities. Their best prize for them is to experience every time new adventures full of fantasy, creativity, passion, rhythm and colour of the Carnival. For the audiences, meeting and getting to know Los Cariocas is an unforgettable and enchanted experience every time.

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