•  Theatre 2019
 Sultanatul Oman
Text by: Jamal Saqer
Directed by: Mohammed Said Mohamed AL Rawahi
Head of the team: Mohammed Salim Abdullah Al Nabhani
Lighting technician: Mohmood Sulaiyam Khalfan AL Makharoumi
Cast: Salim Hilal Hamed AL Rawahi, Ahmed Said Mohamed AL Rawahi, Hian Sa’ud Hamdan AL Lamki, Ahmed Rashid Hamed AL Salehi, Waleed Salim Ali AL Durei, Mohammed Salem Saud Al Rawahi, Khamis Sulaiman Sabil AL Barram.
Make-up – Fashion: Asaad Salem Khamis Al Sayabi
Administrative: Anmar Khalfan Sultan AL Bakri
Photographer, Media Team: Yahya Ali Salem Al Sulaimani
Photographer, Media Team: Waleed Abdullah Humaid Al Hadrami
Public relations: Team Diyab Hamad Khamis Al Hinai
Public relations: Team. Haitham Saif Saeed Al Maawali
This play talks about a range of issues that concerned the daily life of a man and the situations that passed through him. It’s also introducing some laws, regulations and habits that complicated his life. Furthermore, it highlights some of the wrong practices by some owners of power in their jobs’ performance. The play comes in a comical character that reaches the audience easily.
Performance in Arabic, with translation into Romanian and English.

      © Yahya Alsuliemani