•  Music 2019
Live Concert Juniore
Juniore was born out of Jean's idea of a girl band, a sisterhood of interesting and talented women. The Parisian group explores surf grooves, sunshine pop, sizzling psychedelia and garage rock. The music is sexy, sleek and buoyant, but the lyrics are in contrast. Juniore's songs speak of love, breakups, walks of shame, bad surprises and even if you're not a fluent French speaker to fully understand the lyrics, the creeping sense of melancholy still emerges from the music. The subjects and sounds that the band cover is vast, from beachy moods to urban Nouvelle Vague atmospheres, along with a touch of spooky vibes. The end result is an album that radiates a potent sense of vibrancy, endlessly entrapping the listener in its seamless melodies, immersive harmonies and unshakable grooves.