•  Opera 2019
  Chongqing Chuanju Theatre
Li Yaxian
Text by: Luo Huaizhen
Directed by: Xie Ping'an
Cast: Shen Tiemei (three time Plum-blossom Award Winner), Sun Yongbo (Plum-blossom Award Winner), Xu Yongming, Chen Qiujin, Yang Kunhao, Luo Jilong, Wang Yaodong, Zhang Fan, Wan Duo, Tang Wei, Shi Chengshuang, Nie Weiwei, Wang Qi
In the Tang Dynasty of China (618-907), government officials are selected through imperial examinations. Zheng Yuanhe, a young scholar, is expected by his father to pass the exam and becomes a high rank official. However, he falls in love with Li Yaxian, a geisha. Their love can not be accepted by the mundane society. The bawd forces Li Yaxian to leave the brothel, and Zheng Yuanhe is physically punished by his father and kicked out of the family. After their reunion, Li Yaxian pledges to safeguard the dignities of Zheng Yuanhe and herself by compelling him to study hard. However, Zheng is bewitched by her enticing eyes and can’t focus on his study. In her desperation, Li Yaxian stabs her own eyes with needles. This act greatly shocks Zheng Yuanhe, who, after painstaking efforts, wins the competition in the imperial examination and becomes a high rank official. With honour, Zheng Yuanhe happily reunites with his father and comes back to his family, whereas Li Yaxian, the tragic girl who fancies love more superior than her life, is being discarded…
Performance in Chinese, with translation into Romanian and English.
Performance not recommended to audiences under 16.

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