•  Theatre 2019
  Maly Drama Theatre-Theatre of Europe, St-Petersburg, Russia
Lev Dodin s Hamlet
Directed by: Lev Dodin
Adaptation for the stage by: Lev Dodin
After: Saxo Grammaticus, Raphael Holinshed, William Shakespeare, Boris Pasternak
Set-designer: Alexander Borovsky
Lighting designer: Damir Ismagilov
Director-assistant: Valery Galendeev
Music: Alfred Schnittke, Duke Ellington, Johann Bach

Cast: Danila Kozlovsky (Hamlet); Ekaterina Tarasova (Ophelia); Ksenia Rappoport (Gertrude); Igor Chernevich (Claudius); Stanislav Nikolsky (Polonius) Sergey Kurishev (Horatio); Igor Ivanov (Marcellus); Sergey Kozirev (Bernardo)
In our collective consciousness, Hamlet is the embodiment of humanist ideals. Hamletism equals Humanism. One of the story’s mysteries is that this great humanist kills, drives mad and “does in” almost all protagonists. The sum of his ponderings is a justification of hate, revenge, murder. Have we overestimated Renaissance Humanism? Is the Renaissance one of the heights of intellectual and spiritual enrichment of ancient barbaric principles of revenge, hatred, annihilation? Maybe the progress is an intellectualization of the basest human instincts. An arrow has turned into a missile, while a metal shield has turned into an armoured fighting vehicle. Annihilating thousands, humans have acquired the ability to forgo personal risk. A yearning to reinstall the justice has mutated into personal terrorism against specific bad people and has finally mutated into mass terrorism against human masses. At times you despair and ask yourself: could it be that the vilest crimes in history are committed in the name of the highest and greatest ideals of good and justice? Do the ones who do evil know that they are doing evil? Are they sane or mad? Can a madman be aware of his madness? What drives our actions – a wish to do something or the tragic impossibility to do anything else? This question is irresolvable. The mystery of Hamlet’s humanism needs if not to be solved, at least to be made sense of. This story poses yet more and more questions in front of us...
Lev Dodin in conversation with his actors
Performance in Russian, with translation into Romanian and English.
Performance not recommended to audiences under 16.

Special effect: strong light on the audience (first rows)

Produced by: Maly Drama Theatre-Theatre of Europe, St-Petersburg, Russia
Performance created with the support of: Ministry for Culture of the Russian Federation, philanthropist Alisher Usmanov and charitable foundation “Art, science and sport”, charitable foundation “Dignity”.

      © Viktor Vasiliev