•  Theatre 2019
  Plasticiens Volants
Leonardo, dreams and nightmares
Directed by: Thierry Collin
Idea: Marc Mirales
Authors: Thierry Collin și/and Jean-Philippe Hemery
Scenography: Plasticiens Volants
Music: Philippe Bonnet
Carving: Jean-Philippe Hémery & Elisabeth Sonnendrücker
3D: Sylvaire Walasik
Inflatables painting: Marc Etiève
Costumes: Elisabeth Sonnendrücker
Cast: Leonardo - Voice in Romanian: Liviu Vlad
Salaï - live voice in Romanian: Larisa MiskolcziJean-Marc Noirot-Cosson/Sylvia Moreno
Actors Puppeters: Emilie Allera, Serge Budzinski, Marc Bureau, Isabelle Caron, Patrice Carpentier, Gilles Ecomard, Luc Fabry, Frédéric Goujon, Jérémie Guiot, Christian Moreau, Jean-Marc Noirot-Cosson, Marion Pépin, Julietta Roulet.
Through a dream of a dialogue with Leonardo da Vinci, Salaï, his disciple, model and lover, revisits his master’s works. He questions this knowledge in motion, this hunger for infinity revealed by thousands of pages of codex. Leonardo, by multiplying his research, allows him to see that everything is linked: anatomy, mechanics, drawings of interlacing patterns, bird flight studies, lead to the soft face of the Mona Lisa, which the master scanned, adjusting it over and over, in the search for perfection. How many sketches of war machines for the froth and fury of the tormented curved horses of The Battle of Anghiari? From the parachute to the paddle-boat, from his disappearing paintings to the dreamed air plane, Leonardo leads a perpetual quest where faber and sapiens, hand and intellect, technique and art, come together. Thus the desire was born to draw in the sky this crystallisation of man and of knowledge in art. Leonardo wanted to paint the wind; in his wake, Plasticiens Volants reinvent the master’s fantasies by sculpting the air.
As part of Saison France-Roumanie 2019


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