•  Theatre 2019
Kusuko - Love Revolution
Text by: Ren Saito
Directed by: Hajime Mori
Cast: Tatsuhiro Ito, Natsuko Nagahama, Hiroshi Kawachi, Akari Sato, Atsushi Saito, Yasuhiro Wakita, Takeshi Yatsuyanagi, Kengo Matsuzaki, Nobuyasu Oda, Nanae Saito, Makoto Tsujii, Akane Masuda
Lighting: Yuta Tanaka
Sound effect: Taku Kiuchi
Composer: Yoshihiro Tanabe
“Kusuko” Is she a loving woman or a whore? This drama is powerful, energetic, erotic, full of jealousy and love. The play contains all of the strong elements of theatre. And the story is based on truth. The play’s writer, Ren Saito, was inspired by a true incident in Japanese history in 810. Kusuko is the woman’s name. She was a wife of a general. One day the crown prince fell in love with their daughter. On the wedding day Kusuko met with the crown prince. He fell in love with Kusuko immediately instead of her daughter. Kusuko strongly rejected him but his insistence was extraordinary. Finally she agreed to see him but said “One night only”. But this was a pathway to hell. The bride’s mother and the groom lived together in their love nest. When the crown prince became Emperor, her power began. She started to control the country for the Emperor. She shut out all political enemies and became the power behind the Emperor and protected him. A coup d’etat happened and the Emperor was sent to a temple and became priest. Kusuko chose to kill herself. Saito wrote this story with simple and powerful words. It’s very like Shakespeare’s writing.
Performance in Japanese, with translation into Romanian and English.
Performance not recommended to audiences under 14.

      © Yoko Mizuno