•  Theatre 2019
K. Tempest
Text based on the original play by: William Shakespeare
Conceived,designed and directed by: Kazuyoshi Kushida
Translated by: Kazuko Matsuoka
Light design: Shigel Saito
Sound design: Kunihiko Ichiki
Costumes: Kaoru Nakano
Stage manager: Daijiro Kawakami
Cast: Kazuyoshi Kushida,Takashi Fujiki, Hiroshi Omori,Takeshi Matsumura, Hina Yukawa, Jun Kondo,Taku Takei,Takashi Hosokawa, Junta Kusamitsu, Yutaka Fukazawa, Keisuke Sakamoto, Nao Iizuka, Hiroshi Obiki, Marisa, Naoko Shimoji
Since the premier of “K.Tempest” in 2014, Kazuyoshi Kushida (= K) has always presented the play with new eyes and challenges.“K.Tempest” is based on “The Tempest” by Shakespeare, known as a Romance play in the latter period of his creation. The play touches upon many themes, such as magic, betrayal, revenge and family, with music evoking the spirit of enchantment on the island. In 2017 premier, Kushida said that “The Tempest” looked like a fairy tale, but at the same time he described ungrasped wonder in this world and universe, which can only be presented through theatre methods. In this sense, the play presents quite a realistic face of the world. In the play, the fairy is presented as a fairy, and also as a spirit, magic is presented as magic, as well as also art. “I want to put something invisible, something to be felt in a space of theatre, conveying this by the magical power of art. I just want the audience to feel my thoughts, without me pushing them into a tiny logical box.”
Performance in Japanese, with translation into Romanian and English.

Special effects: smoke machine

      © Light (C) Takeshi Yamada