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  Sybilla Saxophone Quartet
Journey through Music
Performance by: Sybilla Saxophone Quartet
Letizia Illuminati (soprano sax), Raffaele Cimica (alto sax), Monica Noschese (/tenor sax), Michele Chirichella (baritone sax)
Sybilla Saxophone Quartet was established thanks to four Italian musicians from Conservatorio “G.B. Pergolesi” of Fermo (Italy), thanks to their passion for Chamber Music and their world-renowned teachers M° Massimo Mazzoni, M° Lucy Edna Derosier and M° Alessandra Gentile. The four members performed, as Soloists and as Quartet, at XXI and XXII International Saxophone Stage of Fermo (Italy), having Masterclasses with N. Sullivan, F.Mondelci, M. Gerboni, P. Portejoie, J. Laran, M. Marzi, F. Basquin and A.Padilla. They performed in the very important theatres like Teatro dell’Aquila of Fermo, Teatro delle Api of Porto Sant’Elpidio, Teatro Alaleona of Montegiorgio, Teatro Valdaso of Pedaso, Teatro La Perla of Montegranaro. Sybilla Saxophone Quartet was the official quartet of the Musical “La Bestia Nel Cuore” directed by C. Rossetti and A.Mancini.

      © Lucy Derosier