•  Dance 2019
  Ballet Flamenco Jesús Carmona
Impetu s
Directed by: Jesús Carmona
Dancers: Jesús Carmona Ángel Reyes Cristian García Ballesteros Lucía Campillo Marta Gálvez Inmaculada Aranda Music: Daniel Jurado and Óscar Lago
Musicians: Daniel Jurado (guitar) ÓScar Lago (guitar) Alexis Lefevre (violin) Bandolero (drums) Jonatan Reyes (singer)
Light design: David Pérez
Sound design: Juan Luis Vela
Light technician: David Pérez
Sound technician: Juan Luis Vela
Costum design: Belén de la Quintana
Footwear: Begoña Cervera
Jesús Carmona, from his early career with other companies, his first steps with his own company through to artistic maturity, has always sought to showcase our culture in his work; experimenting further this time by presenting a fresh artistic interpretation of our country's great musical scores. In this performance, he wanted to reflect all the works that have enabled him to grow as an artist and which have in some way influenced his life and his character, both professionally and personally. His strength and energy can be defined in a single word: ÍMPETU’S!! IMPETU’S, as the project is called, was launched with the help of great musical maestros, with staged choreography and dancing which brings the performance to life, entertaining the audience right from the first chord. To achieve his goal, he has brought together the best in each field. The production skilfully merges outstanding choreography and our country's superb musical scores, with a fresh insight which is reflected in the emblem, the logo, the image: ÍMPETU’S. A spectacular performance where art, and dance in particular, are the true stars.
Executive Production and Distribution: ART & DANZA CARMEN CANTERO Production: Jesús Carmona & Cia.

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