•  Circus 2019
Île O
Directed and concepted by: Mathieu Levavasseur
Creation design: Mathieu Levavasseur, William Valet, Sébastien Lalanne, Michel Cerda, Laurent Desflèches.
Music: Mathieu levavasseur et William Valet
Cast: Mathieu Levavasseur et William Valet
Costumes: Odile Hautemulle
Light design: Marc Boudier
Sound design: Vincent Mallet
Production director: Sophie Barrier
A kiosk in a village square. What could be more ordinary except that this one is full of water. The duo that has shown up to perform is going to have to go on with the show. To wet your feet or not to wet them... that is the question... One of the performers jumps right in and uses all of the physical and sound effects possible, the other fears water like the plague and comes up with ingenious ways to avoid it... A circus show ankle-deep in water? Why not?! Two clowns step into the spotlight in this uncommon show where the Chinese Pole becomes a flute, the water turns into a drum, the guitar and the banjo fearlessly face down eddies, and the stage... is filled with water. While one gets his feet wet, so to speak, the other goes to great lengths to avoid a dunking. In a production overflowing with wildly hysterical shenanigans and adorably poetic scenes, the show will leave the little ones—and their parents—in fits of laughter.

      © Vincent d'Eaubonne