•  Dance 2019
  Cia. Mar Gómez
Heart Wash
Directed by: Mar Gómez
Choreography by: Xavier Martínez
Performers: Mar Gómez and Xavier Martínez
Prop Designer: Joan Jorba
Costume Designer: Mariel Soria
Sound Space Idea: Mar Gómez, Xavier Martínez
Sound: Josep Puigdollers
Photography: Xavier Bertral, Adam Colyer and Santi García
Video: Jordi Orobitg
Production: Valen Closas
International Distribution: Marta Riera
A love story with three main characters: a man, a woman and... a washing machine! Movement, gesture and a sense of humour will be the basic ingredients used to narrate the story of a man who makes a stop on his way through life and a woman who stops at nothing. On one hand, a strong woman, very strong, a washing machine, a dry, distant, isolated place and endless laundry. On the other a lost man, who has never done much laundry as he doesn’t even realise his clothes aren’t that clean. A space and a passionate encounter, brief and conflictive but at the same time eternally human. True to style, the Mar Gómez Company uses humour and irony to narrate through dance the story of a meeting and distancing, the whims of an uncomfortable and troubling love with a difficult ending. Two people with opposite personalities and disparate aims put each other to the test, without planning to, in order to cope with the twists and turns of destiny with what life has taught them, or perhaps, with what life has not taught them. Inspired by the previous, highly acclaimed indoor show Dios Menguante (Max Award to the Best Female performer 2008 and Barcelona Award 2010).
Co-producers: INAEM Ministerio de Educación Cultura y Deporte de España; Institut Ramón Llull; Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya

      © Cia. Mar Gómez