•  Circus 2019
Haute Heure
Directed by: Mathieu Levavasseur
Conception: Michel Cerda, Sylvain Decure
Artists: William Valet, Mathieu Levavasseur, Anne De Buck
Music: Samuel Peronnet
Light and sound design: Marc Boudier
Costumes: Thomas de Broissiua, Céline Perrigon
This is the main guideline of this creation. Retrieve the wonder of the child who is in us to rediscover the wonder, the freedom, the ridiculous simplicity, the foolish candor, this attention of a child playing.
We want to reinvent the circus tradition to re-amaze and open up the eyes. No fuss, no blah, we perform simple and raw acts, real and only real ones right before your eyes: the circus boys doing their tricks, the live show, the clown or Mr Loyal's place, the animal's role...
We are simply inspired by the spirit of Mr. Calder's circus: joyful, ridiculous, futile but very serious.
Let's play, play with ourselves, play with you too, you're so close around this small ring! Let's play with you since you want to go „Higher” too.
“Gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen... And now the great maharaja, the balloon lady, the man with golden claws, the fall in the air, the unshakable balance, the square roundness...”
“Ladies, gentlemen... Much stronger than the Iron Woman... THE WIRE WOMAN!”

      © Emmanuelle Guichet