•  Theatre 2019
  Teatrul de Comedie
George Mihăiță. The Reenactment of One s Life
Written and directed by: George Mihăiță
Cast: George Mihăiță
The one-man show George Mihăiță: The Reenactment of One’s Life” recounts the defining steps in this great actor’s biography, after his 70th anniversary. Among hundreds of memories and photographs in George Mihăiță’s personal archive, the performance is based on Doina Papp’s homonymous work, published at Tracus Arte Publishing House in 2018. “It’s a special performance for a special evening. A little over an hour of stripped recollections about my life, showing myself to the audience as I am: George Mihăiță, film and theatre actor, in love with poetry, father, creator of a magazine for teenagers… an honest man behind all his roles, who tells stories in words and pictures. This story will motivate many to look inside for the resources they need to grow and to develop.
George Mihăiță
Performance in Romanian, with translation into English.