•  Dance 2019
  Théâtre de Suresnes
Finding Now
Choreography by: Andrew Skeels
With: David Bernardo, Mellina Boubetra, Hugo Ciona, Noémie Ettlin, Tom Guichard
On baroque music of: Vivaldi, Bach, Purcell...

Lights: Alain Paradis
Costumes: Xavier Ronze
After Street Dance Club and the deeply moving duo Fleeting, choreographer Andrew Skeels has presented a new creation at the 26th edition of the Suresnes Cités Danse festival. In Finding Now, which blends hip-hop dance and baroque music, Andrew Skeels focuses on the feeling of immediacy, the here and now; the miraculous moment when the elements resonate and lead to the indescribable. The five hip-hop dancers selected – three male and two female – specialise in breakdance and stand-up techniques. Honing the choreographer’s demanding moves, they prove that hip-hop and technical perfection can be synonymous with tension and relaxation, delicateness and intimacy, balance and fragility.
Performance not recommended to audiences under 10.

Order and Production Théâtre de Suresnes Jean Vilar / Suresnes cités danse 2018 With the support of cités danse connexions.

      © Dan Aucante