•  Theatre 2019
  Paul Lazar
Cage Shuffle
Text by: John Cage
Directed by: Paul Lazar
Choreography by: Annie-B Parson
Cast: Paul Lazar
Cage Shuffle is a 50-minute dance/theater solo. In Cage Shuffle, Paul Lazar speaks a series of one-minute stories by John Cage from his 1963 score Indeterminacy, while simultaneously performing a complex choreographic score by Annie-B Parson. The stories are spoken in a random order with no predetermined relationship to the dancing, yet chance serves up its inevitable blend of uncanny connections between text and movement. Cage’s humor, intellect and iconoclasm find ideal expression in this new work which adds dance to Cage’s original performance instructions: Read stories aloud, paced so that each story takes one minute, using chance procedures or not.
Performance in English, with translation into Romanian.
Producer: Big Dance Theater

      © Ian Douglas