•  Theatre 2019
A performance by Delphine Bailleul
Cast: Christelle Canut, Cristina Ragos
General Manager: Michel Bertrand
Asisstant to the Director:: Olivier Rannou
Through the Sonomaton we seek to encounter different cultures and their inhabitants by questioning people on the culinary culture of their country. These interviews are the main feedstock for the elaboration of different cross-cultural performances.
Our Romanian Sonomaton is entitled “Borcan”. It is based on interviews we recorded at the end of October in and around Sibiu. We chose to collaborate with a Romanian puppeteer. The interviews brought us the key to blend our personal souvenirs and bits of culture. We decided to put the lot in jars around a table and to invite the spectator-dinner-guest to attend to a theatre of objects that “tells us” and cooks in front of us. Objects and food are the narrators of this story.
List of co-producers
Saison France/Roumanie
Musée Astra
Solidarité 35 Roumanie