•  Dance 2019
  Cia. Mar Gómez
Between You and Me
Directed by: Mar Gómez
Choreography by: Xavier Martínez
Performers: Mar Gómez and Xavier Martínez
Set design: Cia. Mar Gómez
Costume designer: Mariel Soria
Manager: Marta Riera
A story of love, humour, sex and passion between a woman and a gardener: in “Between you and me”, Cia Mar Gómez explores its particular sense of humour to show the contradictory beginning of a couple. The final aim of the characters in this story will be to enter a home together. Nevertheless, we will always find one of them ready to delay this decisive step. To change the heavy walls of a home for the stimulating glass of a green house full of flowers set in the middle of a city is an understandable desire.
Dance, movement, humour and physical theatre at the service of a show integrated in the urban space that achieves the balance between humour and emotions and that gets the constant attention of the audience through rhythm and an intense theatricality. The company presents a story in which its characters make public activities that are usually done in private: seduction and it’s correspondent emotional and sensual conflicts. In “Between you and me”, a love and seduction story is built with a certain tenderness exposed in a humorous and daring way. Love, humour, eroticism and tenderness in the public space, any place is good for laughing and dreaming.
Co-producers: INAEM Ministerio de Educación Cultura y Deporte de España; Institut Ramón Llull; Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya

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