•  Theatre 2019
  Teatrul Maria Filotti Brăila
Before Breakfast
Text by: Eugene O'Neill
Directed by: Andrei & Andreea Grosu
Scenography: Vladimir Turturica
Cast: Mihaela Trofimov (Doamna Rowland), Richard Bovnoczki (Alfred)
Technical Director: Mihail Ardeleanu
Prompter: Ioana Dragu
Lights: Aurel Cosma
Sound: Valentin Ene
Stage Property: Carmen Spălatu, Ionel Spălatu
Stage workers: Gheorghe Staicu, Nelu Ilie, Cristian Ghiţă, Aurelian Mihai
Make-up, cabin: Miţa Voicu, Adriana Tudose
Two people and their story. A room full of memories and a steaming hot cup of coffee on the table. The morning starts like all mornings, with waking up, eye opening, with the first word, the first imagination, with the hope of a successful day, with breakfast. He, she and their breakfast. They don’t talk about some things out of fear, or maybe they don’t know how to say them. Unspoken words floating in the room, haunting their minds till the end. There is an end to everything and a restart, from the beginning. Fighting with your partner can be cruel, as there is no winner, you both lose. Or maybe on the days with a happy breakfast, they will be saved.
Performance in Romanian, with translation into English.
Performance not recommended to audiences under 16.

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