•  Dance 2019
  Company Chameleon
Choreography by: Kevin Edward Turner & Navala ‘Niku’ Chaudhari
Music: Miguel Marin
Costume: Sourced by Company Chameleon
Cast: Theo Fapohunda, Juliana Javier
ConceptThe seed of the idea grew out of the research made under the direction of Marso ‘Mickael’ Riviere.
Amaranthine, pronounced am-a-ran-thine, explores a male and female relationship, and follows a couple in conflict as they desperately try to reconnect and find resolution. Intricate and emotionally charged, the pushes and pulls of disagreement and heated argument are felt, as is the appreciation of space, understanding and eventually, acceptance. Combining a rich mix of dance styles, the movement is both powerful and risk taking, drawing from an amalgamation of dance techniques including contemporary dance, b-boying, capoeira and partner work.

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