•  Contemporary circus 2019
  Svalbard Company
all genius all idiot
Performance by: Tom Brand, Santiago Ruiz Albalate, Benjamin Smith, John Simon Wiborn –
In artistic collaboration with: Peter Jasko
Cast: Tom Brand, Santiago Ruiz Albalate, Benjamin Smith, Alexis Akrovatakis
“There is a fine line between the genius and the idiot, similar to the conflict within ourselves: the battle between the instinct and the intellect. The idiot is often equated with stupidity and the instinct with the animalistic. On the other side the genius is often regarded as human and equated with intellectuality. What makes us a genius and what makes us an idiot?” Vivid and outrageous in equal measure, All Genius All Idiot revels in the absurdities of life, using extreme circus artistry to highlight human behavior at its most animalistic. Svalbard bends the edges of contemporary circus and blends it with theatre, dance and live music to create a truly original piece that you will remember for its surreal quality as well as its awe-inspiring skills and realness. All Genius All Idiot features Chinese pole, aerial rope, hand balance and acrobatics, driven by a hauntingly beautiful and at times bizarre original soundtrack, played live by the performers. We will be all singing all dancing all flying all crying all rocking all genius all idiots!
Performance not recommended to audiences under 12.

Special effects: Strobe, small pyro (theatrical flash)

Supported by: Konstnärsnämnden, Kulturrådet, Arts Council England, Glastonbury Arts Commission, Stockholms Stad, Subtopia, Cirk la Putyka, Cirkör LAB & Jacksons Lane

      © Kate Pardey