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  Teresa Tapadas
A to Z fados
Text by: Teresa Tapadas
Performers: Teresa Tapadas & Teresa Tapadas, Luís Ribeiro, Pedro Pinhal
The eyes of Teresa Tapadas are more than a mirror to her soul… They reflect the echo of her voice. Crystal clear, magnetic, bright, like the fado pieces nested in her soul. Teresa Tapadas is not a classic case of a singer who’s dreamed of singing fado ever since she was in the cradle. She wanted to become a flight attendant, studied Management, sang in the church choir and was a member of the Folk Ensemble in Riachos, Ribatejo, where she still lives. But soon, fado became so important in her life, that it changed its course. The second CD of Teresa Tapadas is reflective, mature, nurtured to the extreme with total dedication, both by the fado singer – who on this occasion also debuted as an author, as well as by all those involved in this project. We wish that the album “Traços de Fado” is a pleasure to listen to. Her third CD, “Teresa Tapadas in Concert at the Belem Cultural Centre” is already available and is actually a recording of the artist’s 2014 show on the stage of the Belem Cultural Centre in Lisbon, during the Festival “Há Fado no Cais”.

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