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  Menace d'Éclaircie
A French Post-Folk Brass Band
Performers: Youen Paranthoen (accordion); Sebastien boyer (tuba); Julien Tual (guitar); Jean Marie Stephant (pipe); Florian Juillard (pipe, bombarde)
Imagine five brothers growing up on a remote island... No radio, knowing nothing about the top 50, they discover the music instruments of their grandfathers and decide to build a Rock'n Roll group. “Menace d'Éclaircie” was created in 2008. Considering themselves at first more like an atypical brass band, the orchestra went quickly towards a real stylistic creation, because of its instrumentarium and its compositions. Five black leather jackets with timeless music instruments invent an improbable Rock. A culture shock that can push a work up to the standard. To surprise so as to be listened to, to catch the moment, that's their principle. Five musicians beyond compare, who know how to display a communicative happiness throughout the streets.

      © Luc Cavellec