•  Theatre 2019
  Thaddeus Phillips
Written by: Thaddeus Phillips
Directed by: Tatiana Mallarino
With: Thaddeus Phillips
Set design: Thaddeus Phillips
Light Engineer: David Todaro
Sound Engineer: Spencer Sheridan

Co-producers: Aurora Nova, Berlin New York Theatre Workshop, New York
With only a chair, table, and bar of lights, visionary theatre director Thaddeus Phillips steps onstage to magically conjure a rusty Croatian ferry, perilous international flights, obscure Amazonian ports, the twin cities of El Paso and Juarez, deportations, strip searches, illegal crossings, arbitrary passports and curious customs. Based on Phillips’ actual adventures, 17 Border Crossings is a harrowing, comical, visually surreal and engrossing look at the imaginary lines that divide up the world and the very real barriers they create.
Performance presented in English, with translation into Romanian.
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 14.

Special effects: smoke, haze

      © Randall Ortega Chaves