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The Phantom Father (2011)
Direction: Lucian Georgescu
Script: Lucian Georgescu, Barry Gifford
Cast: Marcel Iureș, Barry Gifford, Mihaela Sîrbu, Mimi Brănescu, Victor Rebengiuc, Mariana Mihuț, Valer Dellakeza, Mihai Constantin, Iosif Pastina, Nicodim Ungureanu, Vitalie Bantas, Marcel Cobzariu, Mirela Oprișor
Guests: Marcel Iureș, Irina Margareta Nistor
Recipient of the Special Jury Award at Almaty International Film Festival “Shaken’s Stars” 2012, "The Phantom Father" is a bitter-sweet, tender and nostalgic comedy, spoken mostly in English and with some incidental dialogue in Romanian.
American professor Robert Traum (played by Marcel Iureș, in a role that is equally impressive and unprecedented) takes a sabbatical and turns his back on an uneventful present embarking on an adventure that takes him back to his roots. Back in Europe, Robert tries to unravel the mystery that surrounds the origins of his father and uncle, the famous Traum Brothers: Rudolf, a renowned novelist, and Samuel, who was once a notorious gangster in Chicago. During his journey through Northern Romania, Robert meets Tania (Mihaela Sîrbu), the Head of the Bucovina Archives. Together they try to locate Sami (Valer Delakeza), the last surviving friend of the Traum family, who is a projectionist at a small dusty provincial cinema. Robert's arrival is auspicious since Sami had just been ejected from the cinema by a local, money-making politician who is in business with the Ukrainian mafia... Robert will gradually help Sami regain his cinema house and the old man will help Robert recover his identity...