•  Dance 2016
  Inbal Pinto & Avshalom Pollak Dance Company
Choreography: Inbal Pinto, Avshalom Pollak
Costumes, Set and Soundtrack Design: Inbal Pinto, Avshalom Pollak
Lighting Design: Shai Yehudai, Felice Ross, Yaakov Baresi
Music: Chaplin’s City Lights | Fats Waller | Norma | Esteban Sallas | Beethoven - The Emperor | Art Tatum and Ben Webster – Bring in Da’Noise Bring in Da’Funk | Benny Goodman - The King of Swing | St. Louis Blues
Rehearsal Director: Dina Ziv
Production Manager: Ofer Lachish
Master Carpenter: Gilad Bonneau
Lighting: Oren Elimelech
Sound: Asaf Ashkenazy
Wardrobe: Ela Givol
Manager: Adva Mainz
Marketing: Zohar Eshel-Aco
Office Manager: Rotem Mizrahi
P.R: Michal Sabel-Weise
International tours: as is presenting arts
Cast: Jeremy Alberge, Zvi Fishzon, Ariel Gelbart, Noga Harmelin, Marta-Luiza Jankowska, Cordelia Lange, Amit Marsino, Moran Muller, Ofir Yannai
“Wrapped” is an urban legend, combining humour and poetics, happening in a visually-rich imaginary world. Wrapped was created in 1998 and won many illustrious reviews and several awards, including the prestigious “Bessie”, The New York Dance and performance Award, 1999-2000.
Pinto and Pollak founded the Inbal Pinto & Avshalom Pollak Dance Company in 1992. Together, they have been involved in a variety of artistic endeavours – mainly the creation, direction, choreography and design of unique and award winning dance performances for their Company.

      © Avshalom Pollak