•  Conferences and Seminars 2016
The Theatre and Drama for the Young Public
With: Emile Lansman, Stanislas Cotton, Stéphanie Mangez, Julie Annen, Simon Boulerice, Alba Simina Stanciu
An event destined to the contemporary francophone dramaturgy, “The Theatre and Drama for the Young Public” takes place between 11-16 June at Habitus bookstore, from 4pm to 6 pm. With an important experience in promoting the literature, drama and the francophone theatre, Emile Lansman (Lansman Editeur) brings outstanding authors from the foreground of the contemporary dramaturgy, young artists internationally recognized who approach topics as the adolescent’s experience, traumas and the mental “landscape” in the immediate contemporaneity.
The participants of the event are : the Belgian dramatist Stanislas Cotton (a name of reference for the contemporary dramaturgy, winner Prix du Theatre 2001 and other important awards), Stéphanie Mangez from Belgium (co-founder of the theatre companies La tête à l’envers, Compagnie MAPS and of the festival Cocq’Arts), Julie Annen from Switzerland, winner in 2010 of Jeunesse aux Rencontres de Huy, Simon Boulerice from Canada, a prestigious “character” of the dramaturgy from Quebec (Prix de la creation Fringe, 2007).

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