•  The VIRGIL FLONDA Reading Shows 2016
Székely Csaba – Minewater
Translated by: Sándor László
Project coordinated by: Oana Stoica
Special Guest: Székely Csaba
Speakers: Oana Stoica, Sándor László, Albert Mária
Event moderated by: Cătălin Ştefănescu
Csaba Székely (1981, Târgu Mureș) is an ethnic Hungarian playwright from Romania. His first play (“Do You Like Banana, Comrades?”) won the regional prize for Europe at the BBC’s International Radio Playwriting Competition in 2009 as well as the prestigious Imison Award offered by the Society of Authors. The plays of his so-called “Mining Trilogy” (“Mineflowers”, “Mineblindness” and “Minewater”) are examining taboo issues of rural life in Transylvania, such as unemployment, alcoholism, nationalism, corruption and high rates of suicide; the plays have been produced by several Hungarian, Romanian and Slovakian theatres. In 2016 his text “These Are Animals” won the Ferdinand Vanek Award in Prague, Czech Republic for Best Political Play. He is one of the scriptwriters for the 3rd season of HBO Hungary’s show “Terápia” (“In Treatment”).