•  Dance 2016
  Gigi Căciuleanu Romania Dance Company
One Minute of Dance... oof!!!
A performance by: Gigi Căciuleanu
Script, direction, choreography: Gigi Căciuleanu
Music: Paul Ilea
Light designer: Cristian Petru Simon
Choreography assistant: Lelia Marcu-Vladu
Performed by: Gigi Căciuleanu, Paul Ilea, Ana Vişan, Andrei Iancu
“One Minute of Dance... oof!!!” is the creation of Gigi Căciuleanu, who conceived it in the tradition of the “Nocturnes 9 ½” by the “Illustrious” Miriam Răducanu, to whom this performance is dedicated.
“The staging of the choreographic play is nearly finished. Only one minute of dance is missing, towards the end of the performance. This minute of dance will be re-invented by the choreographer for each performance, before the audience. The protagonists, the composer and the dancing couple will have “to cope”, to adapt to a “state of urgency”, to its momentary fantasy, having to memorize the choreography and of course, the musical score, both invented at the last minute. They will have to integrate it and interpret it as well as they possibly can in order to present its final form to the audience. At each performance, the choreographer and the composer will have to “put on their thinking cap” to create something completely different every time, in the presence of the audience.
The music belongs to the “one-man-orchestra”, Paul Ilea (Sensor / Kult Studio), who the choreographer asked to start from the most popular and well-known themes of his musical “colleague” and comrade in mischief, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and that he then develop these themes in his own way with as much “affectionate irreverence” as possible.
The entire show is in fact built around the complicated and often “insane” creative process required to develop even one single minute of dance. Due to this nightly improvisation, in order to create one minute of dance, the performances will be extremely different from one another… And, like so, each performance will be unique. A nightly re-creation, for the audience…” (Gigi Căciuleanu)
Co-producers: Gigi Căciuleanu Romania Dance Company, “Art Production” Foundation

      © Iulia Antocica