•  The VIRGIL FLONDA Reading Shows 2016
  Mikhail Durnenkov
Mikhail Durnenkov – The war hasn’s started yet
Translated by: Raluca Rădulescu
Directed by: Bogdan Sărătean
Special Guest: Mikhail Durnenkov
Speakers: Raluca Rădulescu
Event moderated by: Cătălin Ştefănescu
Graduate of the Russian National Institute of Cinematography “SA Gherasimov” (VGIK) in Moscow, Mikhail Durnenkov (n.1978) is a playwright, screenwriter, member of the Writers Union in Moscow and teaches courses in dramatic writing. He used to work as a guard or a plumber, but also as an actor and theater manager. For a few years, he wrote together with his brother Viacheslav Durnenkov, then began to sign his own texts and became a member of the “New drama” movement and took part in numerous drama workshops and festivals in Russia, but also in Great Britain and Romania (Tanga Project), winning numerous awards. He wrote more than 20 plays, but also screenplays for film and television. Mikhail Durnenkov’s plays have been translated into English, German, Finnish, Belarusian, Polish, Turkish and produced in Russia and other European countries. Since 2011 he has been a curator for Russia for the „New plays from Europe” Festival that takes place in Wiesbaden, Germany and, since 2013, the artistic manager of the “Young Liubimovka drama Festival”.