•  Dance 2016
  Antonio Andrade Flamenco Company
Mi Carmen Flamenca
Choreography: Manolo Marín, Úrsula Moreno, José Galvañ
Music by: Georges Bizet, Antonio Andrade, Fran Moya, Juan Requena, Domingo Patricio
Stage director: José Galván
Music director: Antonio Andrade
Dramaturgy: Belén Candil
Scenography: Antonio Marín
Light design: Sergio Rodríguez
Sound design: Jordi Salvadó
Wardrobe design: Marengo, José Galván, Victorio & Lucchino
Seamstress: Carmen Gladis Dávila
Management: Flamenco Agency; Jaime Trancoso, Ph.D.
Cast: Úrsula Moreno, José Galván, José Luis Vidal “Lebri”
Corp de balet / Corps of ballet: Rocío Cabrera, Marian Campoy, Marta Cañizares, Mónica Carrión, Vanesa Cortés, Mariché López, Rafael Ramírez, Soledad Rodríguez, Jessica Ruiz
Musicians: Rocío López (voice), José Luis García “Cheito” (voice/drums), Antonio Andrade (guitar), Francisco Moya (guitar), Vicente Domínguez (flute/saxophone)
Strangely it was two Frenchmen who gave form to this Spanish legend: Prosper Merimée with his tragic novel and Georges Bizet with his passionate opera. Carmen prefers to choose death over living a lie and the denial of freedom. Her love is as absolute as it is fleeting: surrendered only at its most intense. Antonio Andrade and his flamenco company adapt the theme of Bizet, inspired by Seville, the homeland of flamenco, and the classic themes of Carmen and play around with them performing them with the new flamenco spirit. Arabic elements, jazz and salsa are introduced naturally with the ardour of pure flamenco. “Mi Carmen Flamenca” takes the opera Carmen from the exile of a classic to the flamenco of its roots in both aspects of music and dance. Direct, pure and without pomposity.
Performance presented in Spanish, with translation into Romanian and English.

      © Antonio Andrade Flamenco Company