•  Dance 2016
  Antonio Andrade Flamenco Company
Flamenco Suite
Choreography: Úrsula Moreno, José Galvañ
Music by: Antonio Andrade, Fran Moya
Stage director: José Galván
Music director: Antonio Andrade
Scenography: Antonio Marín
Light design: Sergio Rodríguez
Wardrobe design: José Galván, Victorio & Lucchino
Management: Flamenco Agency; Jaime Trancoso, Ph.D.
Cast: Úrsula Moreno, José Galván, José Luis Vidal “Lebri”
Corp de balet / Corps of ballet: Rocío Cabrera, Marian Campoy, Marta Cañizares, Mónica Carrión, Vanesa Cortés, Mariché López, Rafael Ramírez, Soledad Rodríguez, Jessica Ruiz
Musicians: Rocío López (voice), José Luis García “Cheito” (voice/drums), Antonio Andrade (guitar), Francisco Moya (guitar), Vicente Domínguez (flute/saxophone)
Our “Flamenco Suite” allows the audience to travel across Andalusia through the experience of different “palos” or styles of Flamenco. Alegrias from Cadiz, Tangos from Malaga, Bulerias from Jerez, are just a few of the forms coming together in a stunning and diverse programme, that will fill the stage in Sibiu with power, passion and the richness of Flamenco. Raging solos and evocative choreography will combine, creating an image of contemporary flamenco that is deeply conscious of its traditional, ethnic roots.
World premiere

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