•  Dance 2016
 Republic of Korea
  Korea National Contemporary Dance Company
Choreography: Aesoon Ahn
Music: Taewon Lee
“AlreadyNotYet” is a work with the motif of “kkok-du”, a wooden puppet to decorate a bier, which is regarded as a guidance to the afterlife and a medium between life and death in Korean traditional funeral culture. “AlreadyNotYet” seeks to show the world in which the tragic emotion of death transforms into optimistic emotion of the life that blooms “nonetheless” in the innate hearts of humans. As thirty years, thus a generation, had passed, the Vietnamese people came to have a generosity of mind to forgive the decimator. They gathered all ghosts, including those wearing U.S. army uniforms and Korean army uniforms, and cleansed them in village shaman rituals. Could we do the same? Though it has been 60 years since the armistice, the size of our mind has not become any larger. It is said that a mind can hold the universe, but once shrunk, it cannot even accommodate a needle. “AlreadyNotYet” embraces a philosophy of time where two different times come across each other: 1) already, and 2) yet. “AlreadyNotYet” illustrates that the stage is between the blink of our eyes, where the times flash, as trauma of the past and vision of near future cross in a moment. It is there that the ghosts, the ghosts of the ghosts, and the energy of those ghosts will appear, kneaded into goblins, and stretch out their empty hands to console our living selves. Contemporariness is cross-temporality. “AlreadyNotYet” will open a time and space where the things that appear in the flash of crossing times approach us with strange appeal, and try to save us, or maybe, even save us.
Korea National Contemporary Dance Company strives to explore the complex, interconnected nature of contemporary life through the lens of Korean identity in order to engage in an ongoing dialogue with global citizens throughout the world.

      © Choi Youngmo