•  Dance 2015
  Inbal Dance Theatre Company/ Barak Marshall
Artistic director: Barak Marshall
Choreography, Set design, Music score, Text: Barak Marshall
Costumes: Maor Zabar
Lighting design: Jacob Beresy
Sound Design: Giori Politi
Cast: Omri Albo, Itzik Amar, Almog David, Yarden Elkayam, Lotem Regev, Shani Licht, Chen Nadler, Snir Nakar, Inbar Nemirovsky, Shahar Sharshove
General manager: Eldad Grupy
Producer and Company Manager: Sigal Cohen
„Wonderland” follows the journey of ten souls stranded in a no-man’s land. They struggle to overcome forces – both personal and existential – in their attempt to accept their fate. Marshall’s movement is physical, sharp, fast, contains ethnic-contemporary motifs and is known for being highly emotive, visual and theatrical. The score for „Wonderland” combines elements of Gypsy, Balkan, jazz standards, Yiddish and rock music. „Wonderland: Part 1” was originally commissioned and produced in 2011 by the Suzanne Dellal Centre. „Marshall’s dance theatre creations are as contemporary as they are ethnic. They are funny, clever and convey more humanity than most other Israeli choreographers’ work. With his famous unison acts of frame-by-frame deconstructed movement, he never loses the incredible energetic charge of the dancers.” – The Jerusalem Post
Translated into Romanian

      © Gadi Dagon