•  Theatre 2015
  FITS & TETA Association & Teatrul ACT
Director: Neil LaBute
Cast: Conrad Mericoffer, Radu Iacoban, Cristina Florea, Ionuţ Grama, Corina Moise, Liviu Romanescu, Eliza Păuna, Alexandru Ion, Cosmina Stratan
Texts by: Neil LaBute, Claudia Postelnicescu, Bogdan Georgescu, Alexandra Pâzgu, Andreea Borţun, Eugen Jebeleanu, Radu Dragomirescu, Csaba Szekely, Alex Popa
Translation: Anca Fronescu
„Why not do it in the road?” is a performance that consists of a series of monologues which explore, with a lot of dark humour, the theme of solitude. It is for the first time when Neil LaBute, one of the most renowned playwrights of the moment and one of the most staged authors of contemporary theatre, stages a performance in Romania. The monologues, interpreted by some of the most famous actors of the new generation, lead the spectators in an unpredictable journey through the solitary micro-cosmoses of the characters. „This last summer I was invited to attend the Sibiu International Theatre Festival which takes place each year in Sibiu, in Romania. During the festival, I got involved in various events, but I devoted most of my time to a workshop addressed to Romanian writers and actors. In one week, the dramatists who attended the workshop created, from nothing, a series of monologues that we presented to the public with the help of an exceptional group of actors. The theme we worked on at the workshop was SOLITUDE, and the writers created extraordinary monologues, monologues that you too will be seeing. It was an amazing work’s week and I am very glad that this group stayed together in order to present this performance to the audience in Bucharest. I invite you to enjoy this ensemble of new voices, made of wonderful artists. I am feeling extremely lucky to have had the chance to know them and work with them. I hope you will enjoy their work as much as we enjoyed the opportunity of working and creating together.” (Neil LaBute)
Translated into English
Performance not recommended under 16 years old
The Sibiu International Theatre Festival, in co-production with TETA Association and Teatrul ACT.

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