•  Outdoor Performances 2015
  Generik Vapeur
Authors: Caty Avram and Pierre Berthelot
Authors: Caty Avram and Pierre Berthelot
Stage design: Pierre Berthelot
Stage design assistant: Laurent Martin
Musical production: Pascal Ferrari, Vincent Sermonne, Hervé Richaud, Caty Avram
Costume design: Christiane Crochat, Noémie Atsas
Video production: Kevin Morizur
Production of aerial effects: Géraldine Rieux, Fraide Raynaud
Sound and 3D design: Pierre Bougourd
Lighting design: Olivier Brun
Stage machinery: Alexandre Tabakov, Max Lecanu
Pyrotechnic production: Thomas Nomballais
Pyrotechnist: Alexandre Lejeune
Technical director: Olivier Desjardins
Stage management: Caroline Veron
Actors: Laurent Martin, Bruno Montlahuc, Goobi Patois, Olivier Franquet, Patricia Gomé, Jean-Paul Kuntz
A metal totem, standing, vertical, made of 8 shipping containers, towers against the city skyline from its 19 metre height, a seismic measuring device for society, a stallion with nerves of steel, of random, mysterious contents. Infinitely large, infinitely tender, multi-formed, gut-rumbling, it keeps watching. Warning us all against global packaging, against the uniform pixilation of our nightmares, against the taming of our ghosts. A beacon in the universal storm, and a spokes-person for the voiceless. Waterlitz is a unique creation, calling us to gaze upwards, to resist, to unblock the ways out, stressing the urgency… Waterlitz explores through a virtual lens the preoccupations of our time, the devastating effects of globalisation, and the melt-down of wonder. But the human spirit cannot be contained. The disappearance of the human species will not take place. Let’s break the ice!
„Waterlitz” is a show created for the European Zone of Artistic Projects (ZEPA), Network for the development of street art, supported by the European programme of transborder cooperation INTERREG IV A France (Manche) - England.
The nine ZEPA partners and co-producers of Waterlitz, are: Atelier 231(Sotteville-lès-Rouen), Le Fourneau (Brest), Culture Commune (Bassin Minier du Pas-de-Calais), Le Hangar (Amiens), Brighton Festival, Southampton City Council, SeaChange Arts (Great Yarmouth), Hat Fair (Winchester), Zap Art (Brighton)
Support to production: French Ministry of culture and communication, DGCA Adami
Other coproducers: Marseille-Provence 2013, European Capital of Culture
Region Provence Alpes Côtes d’Azur supports the production „Waterlitz” for SITF

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